Folder Organizer 3.5.1 available

Folder Organizer 3.5.1 is available in Google Play, and will be soon in Amazon AppStore. Here’s the change log:

  • automatic download of application labels: now you can download Google Play category of all installed apps. Many thanks to CatApplus API
  • removed Call permission, you need to download Folder Organizer Direct Call to reenable it
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  • Kent Pearce

    I wanted to report a bug and did not know where to communicate it. I have a tablet and use the fo tablet 4×1 widget (six or seven of them). However when I reboot my tablet in most of them (the fo 4×1 widgets) the icon of first app of the associated label appears twice (the icon of the second app of that associated label does not appear). I can fix it by resorting the apps within the label, but I have to domthidmafter every reboot.

  • Chris Rogers

    Don’t know if there’s a place for requests,but I’d like to be able to configure folder widgets to scroll horizontally rather than vertically.

  • Cooldage

    아직 시용방법을 익히지는 못했지만 도움밀을 읽어봐서는 아주 편힐 깃 같네요

  • Domckoo7

    Good day, got tf 300 asus with thelatest folder organizer, i see the beginning setup as seen on the first screen shot

    I just cant see widgets on home page…how to? Please answer

  • Gjohnson_iii

    HHow do you remove unused labels?

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