What differences are there between Apps Organizer and Folder Organizer?
Main difference is that Apps Organizer allows to organize just apps using labels, Folder Organizer allows to organize apps, bookmarks, contacts and general shortcuts

What differences are there between lite and full version?
Lite version is ad supported and doesn’t contain some advanced features:

  • hierarchical labels
  • direct folder editing
  • manual sort of items in a label
  • 5 columns widgets

Can I import data from Apps Organizer or from lite to full version?
Yes, you can export data (label associations) from Apps Organizer and import them in Folder Organizer (lite or full version). You can export data from lite version and import them in full version. Import/export commands are available if you press menu button

I have both versions of Folder Organizer installed, can I uninstall lite version?
Yes, you can unistall lite version, be sure of export data before uninstall it.

Why Folder Organizer needs CALL_PHONE permission?
This permission is used because using Folder Organizer you can create direct call shortcuts on Android Home.

How can I add more icons to Folder Organizer?
You can use icon packs if you want extra icons. Just search “icon pack” on Android market and install the one you prefer.

I purchased Folder Organizer but download doesn’t start
Sometimes if you open Google Talk the download starts, it’s a strange Android Market issue:

I have an American Express credit card, can I buy Folder Organizer?
American Express is accepted in Android Market just in the United States

You can download it from slideme.org

In my country paid apps are not supported in Android Market, can I download Folder Organizer in an alternative market?
You can download it from slideme.org:

I modified an item text or icon but in my Android home I still have old text/icon, how can I update it?
Home shortcuts are not automatically updated. When you change name or icon you must recreate it. Or you can you use widgets instead of shortcuts, widgets are automatically updated.

Gmail app is not listed in Folder Organizer
This is a known issue, I hope I’ll fix soon. But you can create a shortcut to a gmail label, final result is very similar

When I restart my device all home shortcuts have the same label
This is an issue on some devices (maybe an Android bug), if you create widgets instead of shortcuts it works correctly

Can I install Folder Organizer on sd card?
No, unfortunately it’s not possible. As developer guide says applications with widgets shouldn’t be moved on sd card

Scrollable widgets don’t seem to work for me, why?
Scrollable widgets work only with alternative home, for example ADW, LauncherPro and PowerStrip. If you use LauncherPro you need to manually enable scrollable widgets from LauncherPro preferences.

I use LauncherPro, when I update Folder Organizer I lost icons of my home shortcuts, why?
It seems to be a bug of Launcher Pro, I have reported it in LauncherPro forum but I got no answer

However if you press menu button and click on preferences -> restart LauncherPro icons are restored.

Why facebook contacts are showed with no associated photo?
Unfortunately external applications can’t use contacts photo of the facebook app

Can I create home shortcuts with no text under icon?
You need to create widgets instead of shortcuts on the home. When you create a widget you can see a checkbox on top of the list, just incheck it to hide label under icon