Folder Organizer 3.4.4 available

Folder Organizer 3.4.4 is available in Android Market, and will be soon in Amazon AppStore. Here’s the change log:

  • Pager on main interface
  • Bug fixing on 3.2 tablets and google tv
  • Fixed widget update bug on Honeycomb
  • Fixed new app notification bug on Honeycomb
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  • Alexsalas49

    Doctor visita a la 9 am

  • ZenMrGosh

    After last update it tries to make me pay?

    • Andy

      too bad

  • Nothankyou

    Still no way to remove installed apps

  • Ldcook

    Purchased at version 3.2.1 and still unable to update without having to pay every time. Rediculous.

    • Fabio Collini

      Hi, you don’t need to pay at every update! The purchase is associated to the google account, you can usa the app on more than one device if you use the same account anche you don’t need to buy it at each update.
      Regards, Fabio

      • Kiley J Hernandez

        So you mean to tell me that you are no longer supporting the Amazon AppStore and now to get updates I have to pay again going thru Google checkout?

        • Fabio Collini

          I already submitted a new version to Amazon to fix this bug. Apps in Amazon AppStore must be accepted, in some days it will be available.Sorry for the issue

  • Anonymous

    Can you please make this scroll as fast and smooth as the app drawer?

    Application folder by Mobile Jeong scrolls really fast and smooth like the android app drawer.

  • plempel

    Hi there

    I like your app, thanks.
    There’s only one thing … I’m using xperia neo on 2.3.4, original launcher.
    Positioning One of the app’s folder icon on my homescreen looks quite bad. The icon is being positioned much lower than the original icons. Is there any possibility to change this?


  • Ld

    Still cannot update. Amazon says Fabio will not give them any updates after version 4.2.2 but they still sell the old version for him. I feel ripped off but Amazon says to complain to Fabio but I get no response from him.

  • Woo_shill_Kim

    how can we keep sort order when importing from or exporting data?

  • Mario

    There are some problems in ICS/Galaxy Nexus: only half of the widget options are available. 5×1 folders are always shown as scrollable – but I prefer to have a folder link. Will there be a new version soon?

  • Scheppel

    Same issue, have to pay every time, what crap!!

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