Folder Organizer 3.6 available

Folder Organizer 3.6 is available in Google Play, and will be soon in Amazon AppStore. Here’s the change log:

  • new user interface on smartphones with slide menu
  • new user interface on tablets
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  • Spambox7726

    Love the app but hate the new UI. Reverted to old version.

    • Fabio Collini

      Hi, why don’t you like it? Can you tell me the reason so I can try to improve it?
      Thanks, Fabio

  • KBI

    Hi, I’m experiencing that the name of my Folder Organizer shortcuts are being reset sometimes. Suddenly when I return to my home screen, all of my custom shortcuts are named “Folder Organizer” instead of the name I gave them. It’s just the text that changes, not the icons. I can readd them, then the names are correct for maybe some days, until it suddenly changes to Folder Organizer again. Is this a known bug? I’m running Galaxy S3 with stock Jelly Bean. (Never experienced this problem on ICS – before i updated to JB). Thanks for a great app!

    • Fabio Collini

      Hi, unfortunately with some device there is this issue every reboot… However if you create widgets instead of shortcut you should fix it

      • Thirstylizard

        that was exactly what I did – creating widgets (FO Folder Link 1×1). However, they all reset at least 4 times every time the app got updated, very very annoying . Did I do something wrong. If this is not fixed, I am preparing to switch to something else.

      • Babylonbwoy

        This is not an answer, you have to fix your app instaed of giving a workaround that doesn’t works.
        Your app was a good adea but your are definitely a lazy dev who will not succeed in android market in long run.

  • Abc

    one issue compare to older version you can not refresh application list the application remain in the list even if it it’s uninstalled

  • Lynnzhols2

    icon problem-with these updates I no longer have the ability to change the icon, even I get into sub menu and hit icon, I simply get a small box that doesn’t allow touching or long pressing that says only the name of label or app , etc that I’m trying to change. I’ve tried everything. even sending you an email where you replied you use forum and I’ve never had a response nor have I seen a response on the similar problems I saw listed and I also sent a fb message in septemberfor which I alsop didn’t get a reply. I loved this app and told everyone about it, and I know from seeing the few responses that you have not abandoned this app, but I need someone to help and possibly hold my hand as “we” fix this, what I’m sure is just an ignorance on my end. Android user

  • Leif Larsson

    I just can’t get the folder to appear on the home page. In a tutorial I found – – it says: long press on the home page and choose the shortcut. But when I long click on my Nexus 7 I only get to change the background. Huh? What did I do wrong? Is there an updated tutorial somewhere??

    • Fabio Collini

      You can take a look at this tutorial:

      The forum you found is not update to last Android version.

  • Ryma

    Just now I am testing “folder organizer” on Nexus 7.I have found no way to delete or edit the apps associated with the label. That’s a joke, right? I’ve been searching, but never found a solution.

    • Fabio Collini

      Did you take a look at this tutorial:

      Organize items using labels

      Tap on an app and then you can add to a label and remove it. Is there a different layout on Nexus 7?

  • ryma

    Just now I am testing “folder organizer” on Nexus 7.I have found no way to delete or edit the labels associated with the apps. That’s a joke, right? I’ve been searching, but never found a solution.

  • Icon Creator

    Such a shame that the Apply All Icons doesn’t work. At all. In any way.

  • rohorubo

    Well…does not take all icons when I choose Icon Pack. There are only 4 icons from my icon pack with thousands of icons.

  • shonangreg

    Sheesh. Even on your own page, your notes about released product versions are two years old. WTF is up with your customer service? The August 2014 update is broken!

  • Sheri Kauffman

    I also have the icon problem. I have a Galaxy SII. Very frustrating, am going to uninstall.

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