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  • “Folder Organizer Brings Deep Customization to Organizing Apps”

    Android Police
  • “Folder Organizer – Tidy smartphone, tidy mind!”

  • “… provides more extensive features and flexibility than the standard Android 4.x folder function”
    Device Guru
  • Home independent

    Folder Organizer works with standard Android home (version 2.x, 3.x and 4.x) and with all home replacements
  • Amazon AppStore

    Folder Organizer is available on Amazon Appstore

  • Free version available

    Folder Organizer is available for free! You can download lite version

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    • Feature 1 front screenshot

      Organize your items

      Tap on an item (app, bookmark, contact, shortcut or label) and choose labels to use to organize it.
      See tutorial section for details

    • Feature 2 front screenshot

      Folders on Android home

      Create a shortcut or widget on your Android home, clicking on it you’ll see all the items associated with a label.
      See tutorial section for details

    • Feature 3 front screenshot

      Widgets on Android home

      You can create widgets on your Android home (even scrollable widgets if your home supports them). Using widgets you’ll have all your favorite items directly on your home!

    • Feature 4 front screenshot

      Quickly choose items in a label

      Easy choose items associated to a label, you can choose apps, bookmarks, contacts, shortcuts and other labels using checkboxes. Associating a label to another label you’ll create hierarchical labels to organize better all your staff!